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The seven blog posts that never happened

Happy blogiversary to me!

TreasuryIslands is one year old today. I haven’t got any proper branding yet (due to being not at all arty), the about me page still says ‘coming soon’ and no one can remember if TreasuryIslands has got a space in it (it hasn’t) but nevertheless I’ve managed to post 105 articles, all but two of which I’ve written myself. I have conformed entirely to stereotype by ineffectually ranting about such things as feminism, gender representations, feminism, queer issues, fat acceptance, feminism and child reading habits all padded out by brief witterings about nursery rhymes, some reviews of new publications and re-assessments of classic texts.

Over my first year of blogging I’ve been called a communist and a feminazi (both of which were meant as insults and neither of which I consider insulting), I’ve been invited on to national television (sorry, wrong country) and gained one of two Actual Proper Fans who are not my parents. It’s been a good year. Every now and then, though, a post gets started which never sees the light of day. In celebration of the first anniversary of TreasuryIslands, I present to you my failures.

Red Sky in the Morning; Elizabeth Laird

1. Title: Blog Against Disablism – Disability in Kidlit
Started in: May 2011
Unpublished because:
Irony is like that.

There are a lot of Days for and against stuff in blogging. You can blog against theocracy, racism, and any number of other causes. I participated wholeheartedly in Banned Books Week, and had every intention of picking out a couple of books that deal with disability in a thoughtful and non-patronising way. Unfortunately, my own disability got in the way. I suffer chronic depression, coupled with anxiety and my head chose May 2011 to explode spectacularly. I did manage to blog that month, but the chief of my energy was spent on not melting into a puddle of self-hating goo and summoning the energy to clean my teeth. Next year, I promise.

2. Title: Re-reading a classic: Five Children and It
Started in:
September 2011
Unpublished because:

I’m pretty sure as a kidlit blogger I’m not meant to say things like this, especially about the classics, but – whisper it – Five Children and It is dull. Dee You Double Ell dull. I have fond memories of the book, as well as the BBC adaptation in the early 1990s, but sitting down to read Five Children and It felt like, having an absinthe spoon dug into my brain by a poorly trained baboon and I couldn’t bring myself to rip apart a book I had once loved.

Hello, I Lied; M.E. Kerr

3. Title: Bisexuality in Children’s Literature
Started in: July 2011
Unpublished because: I’m not clever enough.

This is such a nebulous topic that I can’t do it justice here. There are a number of bisexual characters in Young Adult lit (superstar activist Robin Ochs maintains a list). I imagine at some point, when I’ve managed to organise my thoughts into some semblance of coherence, the subject will be broached. But for now I lack the time and the resources.

4. Title: Where do Babies Come From?
Started in: December 2011
Unpublished because: I was just a smidge busy

In December I took an unintended sabbatical from blogging. For around three weeks life decided to throw two horrendous and entirely unrelated events at me and, for this reason bloggery took a back seat. There’s no way I won’t cover this one at some point, though. I have a lot to say.

5. Title: Origins: Christmas is Coming
Started in: December 2011
Unpublished because: Uh… um…

You know the one, Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat… Yeah. I don’t really know what happened there. One minute it was 1st December, the next it was January. We’ll have it this year, I suppose.

Not in Front of the Children; Margorie Heins

6 & 7 Title: (provisional) A case against the bowdlerization of Nursery Rhymes and Why Censorship Sucks
Started in: August 2011
Unpublished because: Time, time, you wretch, release me!

I aimed to provide a post a day for Banned Books Week 2011. I did, but not to the extent that’d I’d intended. These posts, not specifically about banned books but about censorship in general, were dropped when I came to my senses and dropped the word count for the week. Both subjects deserve more attention than I could properly afford them if I wanted to keep to the word limit I had, by necessity, set myself. Since BBW’11 I’ve readf a lot more about censorship in kidlit, so when these posts does eventually appear I hope they’ll be better argued than I could have offered back in August. In the meantime I heartily recommed Margorie Heins’ Not in Front of the Children: Indecency, Censorship and the Innocence of Youth.

So there we go. Some of these posts may well emerge to the front bit of the internet over the next year. One of them definitely will. In the last year I’ve had a lot of fun, made a friend or two and learned a lot. Thanks for sticking with me, islanders!

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  1. Well, I’d be interested to read your thoughts on all of these, except Five Children and It. Like you, I can’t murder my darlings and in fact prefer not to write about a book at all if I don’t enjoy reading it.

    • Thank you! I’m hoping that they’ll all appear at some point, fingersd crossed, but I think 5 Children will have to be avoided if people prefer me to write in whole sentences with limited numbers adjectives and too manu capital letters. Maybe I should find out if the TV series has aged as poorly…


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