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Books for Birmingham – a plea

Earlier today I posted a link to a survey revealing that 30% of children do not have any books. This is appalling and, quite rightly, certain corners of the internet have exploded with cries of SOMETHING SHOULD BE DONE.

Well, something is. Jess of For Books’ Sake has posted to her own blog with an excellent suggestion of how you can make that statistic a little better. Not by donating to a literacy charity, or campaigning to the education secretary, but by directly helping out a class of children in Birmingham who simply don’t have the access to books that they want and need.

Look at the joy!

If you have a children’s book or two lying around that you don’t need (maybe that your own children have grown out of?), please consider hopping over to Travelling Suitcase Library and sending them to a youngster who would really appreciate them. You’ll even get to feel smug for a little while afterwards.


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