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30% of UK children own no books

Three in 10 UK children ‘own no books’.

A survey of 18,141 childen (ostensibly aged 8-17 but in practice largely between the ages of 11 and 13) reveals that four in ten boys and 3 in ten girls do not own any books.

Though the survey, undertaken by the National Literacy Trust, looks flawed, its findings mirror those of previous studies.

You can read the full report here.


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  2. Um. I am not a teacher, etc, so I might well be missing something blindingly obvious to others here, but:

    In that report it says 32% of those who say they own no books, say they have never been given a book as a present.

    That’s 68% who, it seems fair to imply, can remember a time when they have been given a book as a present.

    I know some of them will be books bought when you were six years old that you have thrown out or passed on or just grown out of to such a degree that you don’t think of it as a book any more, by the time you are eleven and take this survey, but still, it looks a little peculiar, that.

    • It does look odd, but the frequency with which children are capable of losing things, plus the growing out of them that you mention, I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

      It could also be that in households where adults don’t put any value on books, they simply get thrown or given away.


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