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Bookstart is under threat

Set up in 1992, Bookstart provides books to parents at three key stages of their children’s pre-school life.

Books are an invaluable resource for young families. They help develop language and literacy skills; they offer insight into different cultures and lifestyles; they encourage critical thinking skills; they help children identify and understand their own emotions. Reading together strengthens carer/child relationships and introduces pleasure into young lives. The benefits are endless.

For 0.21% of Vodafone’s unpaid tax bill, Bookstart has consistently delivered benefits far beyond its fiscal value.

Funding for Booktrust, the organisation that administers Bookstart and its sister schemes Booktime and Booked Up has been cut from £13 million to £7.5 million in 2011/12 and will be cut further to £6 million 2012/13. Bookstart will continue to offer its book gifting programme with targeted support for disadvantaged families, but at the expense of the Bookstart+ pack for toddlers, a pack of untold value to millions of families. You can read more about the benefits of  reading for children at the Booktrust website.

Please sign the petition to save Bookstart. For up-to-date information, you can follow the campaign on Twitter.


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  1. ho ho ho! Santa likes your blog a lot! Keep up the great work


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